Saturday, 22 August 2015

Summer 2015


I know I haven't been posted in a while.  And also know that I've mentioned this in a post before and possibly the post before that. My honest excuse is that I've been so busy and I said to see I don't mean not being bothered for this blog because I still have the same feelings about it- I still know how important it is to constantly keep myself updated and for you to read (if there are actual humans reading this at the moment)πŸ˜‚

So - what have j been doing all summer? I was on examination early because just finished my GCSEs which was an experience to say the least I spend the majority of the holidays working and McDonald's and I went to Japan for 18 days to attend the World Scout Jamboree - which honestly was the experience of a lifetime.

I am going to make two separate blog posts on Japan and my GCSEs on here at another date because I don't really wanna bore you guys because I wanna keep readers. 

I was thinking about what I could base a second blog site on to specify in a topic to progress from that and attract audiences and I was thinking of making another blog for our the Typical Male Lifestyle Guide - I believe that men or the mates I talk to don't really talk about like male clothing, male skincare ect ect the way girls do because there is something feminine about it. But honestly?? I'm sure plenty of boys will agree in saying that this blog will benefit because I'm always looking for effective skincare products and male fashion but in a non conventional way.

So I am going to make a new blog on that and this will be more my private blog. How exciting...

I'll speak soon (I promise)....


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Divergent Series review

Hi all,

Once again here I am with no excuse why I have not posted and I am truly sorry - school and sleep ratio is currently taking over my life and will soon will be completed - which excites me and petrifies me at the same time. I still do not know really what to base my writing about because my audience demographic does not really read blogs online so I am going to do another review - why? I felt like this is the one I enjoyed the most to write - it also looks the best also. I will be reviewing numerous things to start and maybe to a review section on my blog and incorporate these in my personal blogs (which I'll be doing more often when my exams finish).

The Divergent Series- Review Ben Prestidge

Once a book turned hit blockbuster movies - The Divergent series was written by  Veronica Roth originally which was based on the capitalist movement of the heads bestowing power on the people below them. This movie / plot of book features similar themes of power and corruption for example films like' The Maze Runner' or 'The Hunger Games'  but this series is much better in my opinion due to the realisation and the key focus on human emotion throughout. I'm not going to give it all away but it follows a group of 'Divergent' humans who can perfect every human skill which 'need to be excited because of there power' - the plot is way to hard to explain... It's just like the films you need to read or watch to understand and have a long conversation about but that's what adds to the beauty of the series.  The situations seem real and you really connect to the main characters (Beatris and Four) whilst getting into it similar series try to encapture this feel but superbly done in this occasion.

I would recommend this series especially to you all and to my friends, thank you for reading and please feedback and apologise in advance if you don't hear from me in a while.



Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Day in a Life...


Today is Wednesday, but feels like much later, like the weekend is never going to occur... Today I have (surprisingly) done at lot of work- like not that I usually do anything, I do! But today I have done way more than expected, I like it!

Today was a barge of  coursework catch-up and work, I felt so tired but very very productive. Not to mention the fact that I went to the gym today, yes you heard me right. I WENT TO THE GYM. Yes and I surprisingly did a lot there also. I guess saying today was a very productive day today!

I do not have a clue what to post today, and I feel like I have a lot to tell you, but I have no clue what to say to be specific. Tomorrow I am going to get my Mock Exam results. That's going to be a hard day to digest the fact that I failed most of my exams. But it also gives an insist of what I truly need to get my head around how much work I need to do before the actual exams... Eek! I'm sure I'll blog my results tomorrow. Wish me luck- I guess. 

Anyway today seemed like a very good bad, it made me aware how I only need to do a little bit to stop the debt of coursework I thought I had, not to mention knowing I lost a load of weight from Christmas. I would like to post my journey throughout also. 

But unfortunately, I cannot think of anything else to include, I'm sorry that it's not like my other posts but I'm sure starting next week when I blog only three times a week it'll be a load easier to produce a good standard blog posts!

See you tomorrow,

PS: Double the amount of people from yesterday had been visiting this page, thank you all for you;re support and hope to see you all again. Feel free to message me or comment anything you want to hear or know. It really means a lot!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

CD review- McBusted Deluxe


How are you all today? I'm surprise you've been viewing! It's always lovely to enter here to find more people view this page, seems bizarre that this amount of people are on my page count, and the amount of people that view each post closer today gets more and more by around three view... Which is amazing! It progress, it's not a chore and it's weird to think people are liking it as much as I! 

Anyway I've seemed to be doing that everyday, maybe I should tell you what I'm going to be talking about- isn't that what you do? Tonight I wanted to show you how diverse my blog will be like, not being stuck to a certain theme and audience range etc. So yesterday I was talking about my friends, and in contrast other things I want to write are reviews to things I use, like or do most days or stuff. To start? One of the CD's which I am engrossed in lately:

McBusted Deluxe review 

Knowing that some people which view my blogs are not from the United Kingdom (wow I wouldn't believe I'd say that!). I guess I'll kinda of explain some back-story to this album.

McFly and Busted where two separate bands based around the 2000's and basically took over my birth year (1999) and my childhood so they have basically always been in my ears since birth. Anyway, Busted were the band which made hits like 'Air Hostess' and 'Year 3000' (NOT THE JONAS BROTHERS) and McFly well what don't you know? 'It's all about you' ect?  They've made too much.

Any recently these two previously domineering  bands formed one, surprisingly and cleverly call themselves McBusted with one of Busted's band members not joining. They had just had a UK tour and it was hit, they sang all the previous songs. But recently they have made an album- yes you heard me they made a freaking album together. Well, that's all you really need to know. 

Basically there new album is really, really good and very recommend. Even if you haven't heard of neither of them before! The genre you can say is pop-rock- but not the cheesy type. I wouldn't recommend listening it with your Nan or baby sibling though... 

(McBusted album cover)
My favorite song on it? Probably Get Over It at least YouTube them and see you yourself! You will like them, I don't know if it's due to the impact they had on me as a seven year old but it's great and an uplifting start to the year. Not to mention they are touring the UK again, and I am going!! (Again).

Anyway, thank-you for reading if you did haha! I also hope you like this album. Is that how you do an online blog-review thing? If not could you please help. Also, comment down below what other things to review you. I love music but I also am in love with literature, so if there are any good books out there tell me!!

See you tomorrow regardless,

PS: Starting next week for your information I am going to not blog everyday unfortunately, but I want to form a schedule! You know, make it more official so maybe three times a week sounds good to me. What day do you ask? I have no clue. I'll think about it.

Monday, 12 January 2015

The Slut and the Falcon.


How have things been? As known I did not post anything through the weekend, I have a very busy one and didn't have time to complete this. It feels weird not going on my laptop throughout the weekend. But a busy change is a good one I guess. Through the weekend I have really been thinking of what I wanted my blog to be formatted, what would be on it etc and I;m sure I'd like to do a lifestyle blog. Whether this means what I did today, anything that I'm doing which effects me personally or even recipes to meals I've made. I have no clue what the end result may be but I like the idea of vulnerability in my ideas. I aim to have a mass of people viewing my blog, with a vary of country's and communicating with others with my interests and interested in what I am talking about what I am enjoying what I'm posting and putting on here. 

In other news, I was going to start my diet yesterday. I had done it for a couple of day before now but these seemed only to fail when we went to Pizza Hut tonight. So currently I am going to try and burn at least 1/5 of it off... Start tomorrow I promise you. 

I guess this seems like a diary  to me, nobody can tell me what I want to put on this page and I just say what I want, but it is published online and anybody can see it, I know I'm not going to quote my biggest fears or my secrets at the time but I like this sort of publicizing of my personal events.

ANYWAY that was not the true point of my post today... Today? I want to talk about the people who mean most to me. My best-friends.


If you know (and you probably do not) I have always only hung around with girls and seemed to count the amount of male friends in one hand, and for a boy is quite rare. I seem to be more confident around them and seem to be more into there business (weirdly) than playing football in a grotty, muddy field. Also they just seem to be nicer and more sympathetic haha. I have struggled my whole life to fit in, to be liked and to have people around me who I trust. I know I must sound like a typical moody teenager but I literally felt not wanted. But only recently have I been hanging round with people who actually understand and like me? I know it's soppy but I think they came at a very low place in my life and they helped leaps and bounds. I never knew how happy a group of gals could of made me I don't know but all I know is that I am very comfortably and very happy.

PS: Shout-out to one of these people ( Thank-you for getting me into this because it seems life a great relieved! I'm very grateful. 

See you all tomorrow,

PS: I have seen that my view count on this page is going up by the day! I am totally wow so suprised 33 people would open it! Sounds like absolutly nothing but step by step I will get to where I want to be and very glad to be sharing this with the early viewers. I mean so much x

PPS: In the attachment I have included a nice picture of me and the group of girls which mean so much, this was after our Christmas meal (obviously I'm the only boy). At least you have an idea what I look like after this haha. 

Friday, 9 January 2015

Three, the magic number & 10 Facts About Me


Look at me now, day three. They usually say that in smoking or addiction the third day is the hardest. Whilst it was complete opposite for me! I was so excited to put something on here tonight, I don't really have any idea why... This seems like a good release after a long and draining school week-oh i know it's not as hard as work etc but I kinda enjoy it.

I was trying to find out what I want to do about this blog, I think I may have an idea! Lifestyle, comments on popular news stories at given time of me writing. I also love music and into being social acceptable so I may recommend somethings also.

I know they it is only day four and having 17 views today made me very grateful, why? I never knew doing something which means a lot and I enjoy is getting viewed at by the public. Maybe comment on these posts? It would make my day.  So, I don't really wanted to leave the blog post this short so why not do a '10 facts about me' post? I know, very conventional but I hope people will take interest and enjoy! I assure you as the days go it'll be more original, with the design and the publicizing of this blog. This is only the beginning! 


1) My name is Ben, not Benjamin.
2) I am from England, United Kingdom in the Midlands.
3) Living with me are my two sisters (ones my twin) and my parents.
4) I am a five-teen year old who aspires big and have goals in life.
5) I am very outgoing when you get to know me, but not in a arrogant way.
6) Currently at school I am studying Media, ICT, Spanish and Geography which I am enjoying and for my A-Levels I'm going to pick Media, English Literature, Philosophy and Sociology. Sounds like a task but I know I will push to succeed (WISH ME LUCK). These link to the possibility's in English or Media.
7) I know who I am, what I believe in and who I decide to follow and have strong opinions on theory and laws. A privilege not many have.
8) I am a volunteer at my local Scout Group and have been going since around eight years, it has became a large percentage of our family's life and a very good experience. I aim to still be in Scouting when I'm 80!
9) I am not saying I am an atheist, but I am not sure if I want to follow my family's religion of Christian or pursue in a pilgrimage into Buddhism, due to that the subject fascinates me and I also agree with the teaching of Equality etc. 
10) Finally,hobbies which I pursue in are Photography and Creative Writing due to the combination of English and Media. These are the things I excel in and want to pursue whilst traveling etc. 

That's all for today, hope the ever longing number of views increase throughout, see you very soon.

PS: I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to blog during the weekend (not like you 17 readers who accessed my page maybe by mistake) just weekends seem very busy always. Not that it may effect you just just don't expect to bump into my page because I may not be here!

PPS: Sounds stupid, but soon I am going to add more to my profile due to the fact it's still like nobody has touched it. My profile picture will be up soon and will show my face upon the internet, not that you needed to know haha.

Thursday, 8 January 2015



Today I the second day in a row of me writing on this blog, I am still not entirely sure what my main topic for this blog is. But I am sure that after a couple of days of me writing pits of absolute-nothing-ness, I'll find something to base my conversations about. I'm not female so beauty themed with not suit me, neither do I own a lot of technology not garden etc. I know that I am passionate about travel but;
i) I cannot afford to travel extensively.
ii) I do not trust myself in another county myself at this moment.
But I am going to go to Japan in the summer for three weeks which I'm really really exited about and I'm so sure I'll blog about it and show you a lot of photos taken etc. 

I really hope I carry on with blog... I also hope that a load of people will access it and read it and engage with what I'm saying or belief. It will be very fulfilling and my passion will just expand. Who knows?  I may become addicted! Haha, I hope so. This seems like an amazing escape from school work and exam revision, one of the main reasons I created this.

I checked my stats section whatever it's called and I have nine views! It so dosent sound like anything to regulars but nine views to me is fantastic. Nine people have legit opened this. I also hope this gets bigger every post I put up. Thank you.